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Control panels

The tendencies on the world market provide for a full range of goods to be offered in certain sectors of the economy, both directly and in connection with them. It is well known that modern electrical networks in the automotive industry or in the manufacture of special machines and mechanisms necessarily involve the direct connection between wiring harnesses and control systems. The market dictates the rules. To keep up with the trend, since 2016 we have been developing new switchboards and producing them together, with or without cable harnesses, for use in various industries. We produce switchboards with closed protection that work in open spaces, and switchboards that work in vehicle cabins and protected areas. We have experience in the production of switchboards that contain control systems. The technical potential and experience enable our engineers to program STM32 controllers for various tasks, such as data transmission via ISOBUS and CANBUS protocols. We use components from recognized market leaders such as Schneider, EATON, FINDER, SELEC, and SCI. Our specialty is the production of control panels:

For special equipment

Our arsenal includes the production of control panels for construction machines and mechanisms (concrete pumps). New products include control panels with programmable control based on the STM 32 processor for connecting internal combustion engines and attachments via the CANBUS protocol. Our products are characterized by impeccable quality and modern design.

For agricultural machinery

A separate area of our work that deserves special attention is the production of panels (control panels) for agricultural machinery and mechanisms. Our engineers have successfully developed and implemented a series of control panels for:
– Supply and mixing of liquid for sprayers of various types
– Control of solenoids on grain reloaders
– Seeder hopper fluid cooling systems
– Hydraulic system of sowing complexes
These consoles are based on special types of wires, connectors, and contacts because the system is constantly exposed to aggressive environments and requires special protection.