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Signal transmission systems

Depending on the needs, sometimes we need to send an on/off signal to the device without having a direct electrical connection to it. We have done it. The technology is based on the LORA radio communication module, which operates at a data transmission frequency of 433 Mhz, which is absolutely open and authorized. The transmitter sends a signal at a given frequency with a given code, and the receiver receives it and implements it into an electrical pulse to the end device. The system is powered by nickel-metal hydride or lithium batteries. The system voltage is 12 volts, which is absolutely safe for use by operators. The system can be used on construction machines, in the timber industry, and in the production of special machines and mechanisms. The system modules are 100% sealed with RTV-627 silicone compound. On a single charge, the system can transmit signals for 4 hours continuously. After that, you just need to replace the included battery and put the discharged one on the receiver’s additional charging socket.

For special equipment

Rated voltage12-24 volts
Signal frequency433 mHz
Working range of the signal (in meters)24
Maximum signal range (in meters)40
Operating time on one battery (in hours)5
System weight (in grams)1450
Working temperature (in Celsius) / (Fahrenheit)-40   +70 / -40   +104
BatteryNi.MH 2*3,6V/80mAh
Box materialPolycarbonate
Type of protectionIP 65
Package contentsTransmitter 1 pc Receiver 1 pc battery 2 pc 433 mHz antenna 1 pc