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Wire harnesses

In the production of wiring harnesses we use only high-quality materials and components from leading manufacturers such as: MOLEX, Tyco Electronics, Hatko Electronics, Mesa, Alpha Wire, Bosch connectors, Wago, Phoenix contact, Weipu, Delphi. We have direct contacts with manufacturers that gives us the opportunity to quickly solve the issue of supplying the necessary components for existing and completely new projects. We use different types and classes of connectors and terminals such as Superseal, Econoseal, HDC, Deutch, JPTC, Mate-in-Lock, Positive Lock, ring star terminals, ferrule terminals, Weather pack, accu terminals. We are able to produce both highly complex harnesses with combined groups of components, for example, harnesses for controlling controllers using CANBUS, ISOBUS protocols, wires for signal transmission (OLFLEX Classic), especially flexible wires (FLY, FLRY-A, FLRY-B) and wires that can withstand high temperatures (SIF, SIAF, SIAF GL) and simple harnesses with direct connection type. In our arsenal: cold method of pressing contacts and there is a method of ultrasonic welding of conductors. All basic production processes such as: wire cutting, stripping of wire ends and crimping are carried out in one operation, which makes it possible to produce products in large quantities in a short period of time. That’s why we try to be qualitative, fast and flexible for our partners

For lighting systems

We produce wire harnesses used by manufacturers for LED lighting systems for streets and parks, yards and bike paths, highways and highways in cities and villages. During production we use components from leading manufacturers such as: Colosio, Grommet, WAGO. Our products are made exclusively from components that do not harm the environment having Rohs and REACH certificates and to some extent can be recycled. The wiring harnesses we supply to lighting system manufacturers are included in complete products for the circular economy

For household appliances

In the production of kitchen appliances, special types of harnesses are used. These are wiring harnesses that can withstand high temperatures in operation. Our company manufactures and supplies wiring harnesses for microwave ovens, kitchen electric and gas-electric stoves, electric hot ovens for baking. The basis of electrical connections are wires and cables of SIF, SIAF, SIAF-GL, SIMH, H05VV-F brands and FAST-ON terminals made of stainless steel. This requires special adjustment of equipment and mechanisms. We have extensive experience in this area, so we can easily satisfy all customer needs.
Our specialty is the production of wiring harnesses for household appliances:
– Cable harnesses for gas, gas-electric, electric, and induction cookers.
– Cable harnesses for microwave ovens
– Cable harnesses for deep fryers
– Cable harnesses for ovens

For special equipment

For eight years now, we have been successfully manufacturing wire harnesses for floor screeding machines. The peculiarity of these harnesses is that they work in extremely difficult conditions. Every day, the wiring harnesses are constantly exposed to low or high temperatures in an alkaline environment. Here, the condition of normal operation is paramount. This is the result of double protection. We have done it. These projects have been successfully implemented and are relevant to equipment manufacturers from Germany and Turkey. Wire harnesses of our products are used on floor screeding machines and concrete pumps with a classic internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
We were the first in Ukraine to successfully develop and implement a project to produce a complete set of wiring harnesses for a self-propelled sprayer. This kit combines sealed superseal, econoseal, deutch and heavy duty connectors; wires that are resistant to oil, gasoline and ultraviolet light and special wires for transmitting signals via CAN.
Our areas of expertise are in the production of harnesses for special equipment:
– Wiring harnesses for concrete pumps
– Wiring harnesses for tourist vans
– Wiring harnesses for cash collection machines

For motor vehicles

In the production of wiring harnesses for automotive vehicles, our company uses only high-quality and certified components from leading manufacturers such as Tyco Electronics, Molex, Hatko electronics, Schlemer, Lapp cable, and Helucabel. We are focused on the production of prototypes and small series in this area. The flexibility of our production processes makes it possible to quickly reformat the production process to meet the specified needs. Our experience in the production of wiring harnesses for fire trucks, buses, or municipal vehicles allows us to easily adapt to a variety of special components. It is worth noting that for more than two years we have been cooperating with a Danish company that manufactures electric garbage trucks, where we have been learning new components and new approaches to production processes together with our partners. We have sufficient experience in the production of wiring harnesses with CAN control systems.
Our plans for the future include trying our hand at producing wiring harnesses for passenger cars of the world’s leading manufacturers either directly or as an OEM.
Our areas of expertise are in the production of wiring harnesses for motor vehicles:
– Wire harnesses for buses
– Wiring harnesses for fire trucks
– Wiring harnesses for garbage trucks

For agricultural machinery

For agricultural machinery (As for special machinery, wiring harnesses in the agricultural industry, in particular for agricultural machinery and equipment, require the use of special components and additional protection. This can be protected with special corrugated tube pipes or a special type of silicone compound when 100% tightness must be achieved. Our company manufactures wire harnesses of serial types such as
– Control and data transmission via ISO BUS system
– Lighting and signal systems
– Cooling systems for seeder units
– Control and dosing of liquid outlet on sprayers
– Control of engine operation
Our arsenal includes the development and production of prototype harnesses for the agricultural sector in accordance with the needs of customers. Among them, the completed project for the production of a prototype set of harnesses for a self-propelled sprayer manufactured in Ukraine by Boguslavska Agricultural Machinery is a success.